Who Is Snowbound Software?

Since 1996, Snowbound Software has been an independent software company providing Global 2000 enterprises and OEMs with document viewing and conversion solutions. Our technologies accelerate and enhance document and image processing at every point in the document lifecycle – view, manage/process, deliver, and store/archive.

Our mission is to provide superior solutions for our customers’ mission critical document viewing and conversion processes. By leveraging our 20+ years of experience, leading-edge technology, and innovation, we deliver applications and development platforms that lead the industry in features, quality, compliance and performance.

We listen to our customers’ document management needs and meet their requirements with high performing, industry-leading solutions. We deeply value our customers, our partners, and our employees. We will always work hard to maintain the trust and loyalty they have placed in us.

The transition from paper documents to electronic documents has definitely advanced document processing. But it has also introduced unanticipated challenges which can slow down your workflow significantly. For example compliance mandates demand that you share information, but without the right products you have no control over whether external systems will support the document formats you send out. Slow web access can slow the document viewing ability of your users or interrupt it altogether.

Efficiency and ease of use is key to productivity. The more time spent processing, the smaller the throughput, the more expenses you incur, and the less competitive you are. That’s why you want the most advanced and powerful viewing and conversion technology for your business. Snowbound’s solutions empower you to overcome your viewing challenges by providing efficient access to your critical content. Our technology will speed your document workflow.

Our customers and our partners are our priority. Not only do our products support and enhance your document lifecycle— we do too. From evaluation, through purchase and beyond, the Snowbound Software Customer Success Team is here to help you get up and running quickly. We are dedicated to helping you take advantage of all of the benefits our solutions have to offer. We consider our customers to be our partners and your success to be our top priority.

Our founders came from the imaging industry. However, we wanted a name that would stand out from the rest. It so happened that the company was founded during the snowiest winter in Boston history (at the time). During preliminary planning for the company, it was hard to ignore all the snow and the name Snowbound Software emerged.

Industries We Serve 

9 of the Nation's top 10 banks / 7 of world's largest international banks
6 of the top 10 Insurance Companies
2 of the top 3 Healthcare Organizations
8 of the top 20 Tech Giants
Over 100 Federal, State, & Municipalities

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