Management Team

President & CEO: Simon Wieczner

Simon's background includes over 25 years of software industry experience. His management and marketing experience spans a number of companies including First Data, Computervision, ADP, BSO/Tasking, Numonics, Ergo Computing, and AccuSoft as well as his own ventures. He has extensive experience developing start-ups into profitable, growing enterprises. Educational credentials include a BS in Management and an MBA in Marketing from MIT.

VP of Research & Development: James Palo

Jim has specialized for 23 years in imaging software. He has a great deal of computer industry experience, working with Data General, Polaroid, Lotus, and in his own ventures. His expertise covers engineering management and the creation of sophisticated imaging applications as well as inventing imaging and compression algorithms and imaging APIs. He is an expert in C and Java programming.

VP of Sales: George Farnham

George has held sales management positions at companies covering a range of technologies including Banta Integrated Media, DuPont, and AGFA. His over 20 years of experience has led him to advocate high-speed, universal viewing solutions for Digital Asset and Content Management Systems. He currently holds the position of Vice President of Sales at Snowbound Software.

Customer Support Manager: Geoff Webb

Geoffrey brings over 15 years of customer service and technical support experience to Snowbound Software. Prior to Snowbound, Geoffrey worked for such companies as WPI, Lucent Technologies, Gotham Networks, & Stratus Technologies. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Worcester State College.

Manager of Finance and Human Relations: Susan Parent

Susan has been working in the financial and benefits arenas for over 15 years. As a member of Snowbound’s senior management team, Susan has skillfully managed the diverse needs of both the company’s finance and human resources departments for several years. Her unique success in bridging the gap between these two groups is based largely on her belief that the financial health of a corporation is related directly to giving employees a sense of well being in their surroundings. As such, Susan approaches her day-to-day interactions with the philosophy that employee morale has a direct and immediate impact on the bottom line. Prior to joining Snowbound, Susan worked in the U.S. division of an international reseller of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. She earned a bachelor degree in business administration and economics from The King’s College in New York.

Director of Marketing: Jody Spencer

Jody brings over 13 years of marketing and communications experience to Snowbound Software. Prior to Snowbound, Jody held the position of Marketing Manager at Banta Corporation where she was responsible for developing, managing, and executing the marketing strategies for Banta’s technology division based in Cambridge, MA. She played an integral role in the strategy, creation, and management of Banta’s Sync Interactive Marketing Suite product launch as well as served as a member of the Corporation’s re-branding committee. Her experience also includes business development and sales in the technology industry as well as marketing and public relations for the health care industry. Jody received a BA in Corporate Communications from Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA.

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