AFP Image Conversion and Viewers

Snowbound Software supports conversion and viewing of IBM’s Image Plus formats including AFP and other MO:DCA documents. AFP files are most commonly used by government agencies, banking, finance and insurance companies to archive standard forms and other records.

Customize AFP Fonts For Optimal Display

All of our solutions support Font Maps for AFP* allowing users to modify properties of their fonts including font type, point size, color, and style. Font maps enable companies to standardize how AFP documents display by overriding the internal font objects with custom fonts and styles. Fonts maps , created as simple ASCII files, ensure that documents display correctly and allow administrators to control the look of documents.

What is AFP?

Generated by IBM's ImagePlus document management systems, AFP documents are complex document types belonging to IBM's MO:DCA document family, which also includes IOCA, MMR and PTOCA.

*Snowbound only supports IBM-supplied fonts. Any custom font type may not display properly.

AFP Viewing, Conversion, and Text Extraction

  • Our RasterMaster Imaging SDK allows you to build viewing, conversion and over 140 other expert imaging functions into your custom applications that manipulate AFP documents. One key feature is the ability to extract text from AFP files and convert them to fully-searchable PDFs. This capability significantly streamlines database population efforts and virtually eliminates the potential of data entry errors. Learn more about our AFP conversion SDK
  • Our powerful VirtualViewer document and image web viewer enables you to view, convert, manipulate, annotate, and print AFP files through a standard Web browser. Because VirtualViewer is developed from our robust imaging SDK, it supports all of the file formats offered in our library. With VirtualViewer you have the ability to view multiple document and image formats, including AFP, through a universal viewer without invoking a print driver. VirtualViewer is available for Java or .Net. Learn more about our AFP viewer

Important: As we all know document and image specifications are intentionally loosely written and rarely updated. As a result many applications create documents “incorrectly” and they do not adhere to the latest specifications.

In order to maintain the highest ethical standards and help provide customers with the most positive user experience, Snowbound Software recommends that, as part of your purchase process, you test your own sample documents against our products. Snowbound, unlike most competitors, develops its own technology. If in the rare case you come across a problem or non-conforming document or image, we can often fix it.