Microsoft Excel Viewer and Document Conversion

Snowbound creates powerful imaging solutions that enable you to view, annotate, and convert Microsoft Excel documents without relying on Microsoft Office.

Data Extraction From Excel Worksheets

One of RasterMaster’s powerful features is the ability to extract data from Excel worksheets. This gives you the flexibility to create time-saving content aggregation tools. Now you can streamline your database population efforts by leveraging the batch extraction capability.

What is MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a common spreadsheet application for creating and editing documents with structured data. This application is part of a suite of products that handle different document formats.

Our products support Excel worksheet data, formulas, formatting styles, header and footer information, images, and multiple worksheets. You can view and distribute the Excel worksheets while still maintaining the security and integrity of the information.

  • VirtualViewer, our powerful document and image web viewer, delivers high-speed viewing capabilities for users and provides the ability to not only view but also convert, annotate, and print MS Excel worksheets through a standard Web browser. VirtualViewer makes it easy to view and distribute Excel files over the web. It is built in 100% Java and it eliminates the need for users to have Microsoft Office installed on their computer.
  • RasterMaster, our smarter imaging SDK, allows developers to build viewing, conversion, and over 140 other expert imaging functions securely into your custom applications to support the Excel format. Converting Excel files is handled directly by RasterMaster without invoking a print driver or another external application giving you fast and accurate results. The files can be converted to any format supported by the RasterMaster library.
  • SnowBatch, our batch conversion application, is an out-of-the box application that provides you the capability to perform rapid batch conversion right from your desktop or server. The easy-to-use interface will enable you to quickly convert all your MS Excel files to formats suitable for viewing or archiving. The files can be converted to any format supported by the application.

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  • Purchasing Snowbound's MS Office option provides you with support for Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.
  • Open Office XML documents currently support MS Excel 2007 documents with .xlsx extensions. Support for MS Excel 2007 documents is available as a separately purchased option. Documents created in MS Office 2007 with .pptx extensions are not supported.

Important: As we all know document and image specifications are intentionally loosely written and rarely updated. As a result many applications create documents “incorrectly” and they do not adhere to the latest specifications.

In order to maintain the highest ethical standards and help provide customers with the most positive user experience, Snowbound Software recommends that, as part of your purchase process, you test your own sample documents against our products. Snowbound, unlike most competitors, develops its own technology. If in the rare case you come across a problem or non-conforming document or image, we can often fix it.