Government Document Conversion and Imaging Software Solutions

Snowbound Software provides powerful document viewing and conversion technology that makes it easy for government agencies to create electronic files that can be archived, viewed, and manipulated. Since The Freedom of Information Act was amended to include electronic renditions of records, the need to scan, convert, archive, and display documents and images has become a more crucial and immediate need at every level of the government.

“Due to the high number of images we handle every day, it was crucial that the software we chose could handle a wide variety of file formats and provide the essential features and functions we required. Snowbound’s software addressed our immediate challenges and is built in such a way that we can write additional programs to accommodate future requirements. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the SDK was to implement. When we moved from testing to implementation, the process was painless, our development team had no issues, and the end result was a seamless and successful integration.” - Alben Gillum, Subject Matter Expert, United States Postal Service

Our powerful Web viewer, smarter imaging SDK, and rapid batch conversion application empowers you to implement secure solutions to quickly and accurately convert existing hardcopy documents into readable electronic files. Our technology is used by government agencies to create a wide variety of custom solutions ranging from secure internal systems to external solutions that allow the public to view documents over the Web.

Our ability to expertly handle documents such as JEDMICS, PDF, Group 3 and 4, MS Word, TIFF, JPEG and over 100 other formats allows us to provide you the imaging technology to complete your application.

Our VirtualViewer™ Java-based Web viewers enable your end users to quickly and easily retrieve, view, manipulate, and annotate documents and images. VirtualViewer:

  • Enhances productivity and increases efficiency — Users can search, retrieve, and display multiple formats through one universal Web viewer.
  • Supports true cross-platform compatibility and web support — Written in 100% Java, their superior architecture makes it possible to quickly support additional users without the need for more servers or equipment.
  • Provides secure image viewing — Can be configured so that the local drive and system will not be accessed, preventing the storage of any data on the client side.
  • Meets business requirements and supports user permissions — Easily configure the User Interface (UI) to support individual user roles for all of your internal and external users by enabling and disabling functions based on user profile.

Our RasterMaster™ imaging toolkits provide comprehensive features that allow developers to easily incorporate robust imaging functionality into your application. RasterMaster:

  • Supports numerous document and image formats — Including ABIC, AFP, JBIG, JEDMICS, JPEG, MO:DCA, MS Word, PCL, PDF, and TIFF.
  • Provides expert imaging features and functions — Including viewing, conversion, manipulation, annotation, scanning, printing, and saving.
  • Is compatible with most development platforms — Available for Java, Windows, .NET, and UNIX.
  • Supported by reliable and comprehensive support — Leverage our industry expertise and internal support team to answer your questions and customize the technology to meet your requirements.
  • Offers text extraction functionality — Text extraction incorporates the ability to create searchable PDFs from MS Word, PCL, AFP, and MO:DCA files.

Trusted by government agencies worldwide including the European Patent Office, Israel's national police, State of California Highway Patrol, US Federal Reserve, US Patent and Trademark Office, and US Postal Service, our imaging technology is the most powerful, flexible, and reliable in the industry.

We are here to support you and give your company a competitive advantage. Contact us today to learn how we can help you take your imaging capabilities to new heights.

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