VirtualViewer® HTML5 is equipped with powerful and sophisticared features and functionality.

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  • Simplified redaction management – Users can quickly and easily secure sensitive documents by applying true redactions to any document or image with right-click menu options
  • Redact ANY format - Redact all file formats supported by our viewer including: Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, TIFF, and more
  • Redact on-the-fly - The redaction can be applied to the file at the time it is retrieved for viewing based on the user permission level
  • Preserve original content - Using our image redaction tools the original file is never altered, ensuring that the data is preserved
  • Ensure compliance with corporate regulations and security standards - Help adhere to the permission scheme set up within the repository with document redaction and image redaction to help ensure regulatory standards are met
  • Batch Redaction Tagging - Tag an entire batch of redacted search results at the same time, rather than having to individually tag each redaction, expediting the workflow process.

Simplify your workflow and collaboration with annotation tagging, thumbnail markers, navigation and commenting capabilities...

  • Annotate all formats in the document viewer – Add document annotations or image annotations to any document or image format supported by our viewer including AFP, MS Office, ODT, PDF/A, PDF, TIFF, and more.
  • Support a variety of annotations – Rubber stamps, redaction capabilities, highlighting, “sticky notes”, and more.
  • Search and extract annotation information - XML format enables quick searching and extraction of information contained within the document annotation, tags, or notes.
  • Annotation Commenting - Users can communicate about a specific part of the document by commenting on existing annotations. Date, time of the comment, and the commenter's name are also listed.
  • Annotation Tagging - Users can assign a tag (e.g. "Social Security Number") to each individual annotation to indicate to other users why the annotation was placed on the page.
  • Enhanced Annotation Display - The viewer displays user information on each annotation, including the date and time stamp for when the annotation was made.
  • Annotation Indicators and Navigation - Indicators ensure more efficient collaboration as users can navigate through only the annotated pages of a document, skipping pages with no annotations or stamps.
  • Store annotations as separate objects – Enables document annotation or image annotation capabilities to be based on user permission levels set up by the administrator.
  • Ability to "burn in" annotations – Create final, "branded" versions of the document in vector format with selected annotations for use in external applications.
  • Consolidate Annotation Layers - Consolidate all annotation layers of a document into a single layer so all annotations can be easily viewed.
  • Third Party annotation support – View existing FileNet and IGC/Brava annotations.
  • Manage annotations - Manage and modify document annotations or image annotations easily with the Annotations Properties Pane.
  • Modify or Create documents — Users can modify virtual documents to create new versions or renditions while preserving the originals and they can also create documents on-the-fly while saving versions back to the repository.
    • Merge pages from multiple documents into a single document. The source documents can be the same type or different formats.  Example, select pages from a PDF source file and a Word document source file and create a new document. ​
    • Use existing pages from a collection of files by selecting the desired pages in the thumbnail pane and simply copy them to a new window.

    • Create documents using the Page Manipulation menu, contextual menu or the drag-and-drop functionality.

      • Drag & Drop - Move individual or multiple pages from a document into a new or existing document by simply dragging the thumbnail(s) into the desired tab, simplifiying document manipulation and creation.

    • Modify documents into two or more new documents

    • Add pages to a document, re-order pages within a document, delete pages from an existing document

    • Crop Page Selection - Select a specific portion of a page using a rectangle tool to crop out the rest of the page. The cropped portion outside of the selected area is deleted from the page and the selected area can be saved out using save as or export.
  • Sophisticated thumbnail and tabbed window support in our document and image viewer streamline document processing and increases productivity by putting control back in the end-user's hands, especially with large and complex files.
  • Bookmarks - Streamline navigation within documents with the ability to create text bookmarks on pages via the thumbnail panel and also jump to a desired page via a bookmarks list.
  • Increase productivity – Enable users to preview thumbnails of each document page and easily toggle between open documents in the viewer users are able to streamline document processing. Administrator configuration permits viewing of frequently-used files or other criteria, including department, user-group, folder, repository, and more.
  • Save time and bandwidth - Multiple thumbnail views in the document viewer provides the option to display ONLY the first page of each document or to show ALL of pages contained in each document
  • Navigate files instantly- Tabbed windows allow multiple documents to be open simultaneously within the same viewer to streamline document processing. The thumbnails correspond to the tabbed windows so that when a user navigates by either the thumbnail or the tabbed window the view will change to highlight the corresponding tab/thumbnail selection.
  • Simplify document creation - Quickly drag and drop pages to a new window or tab. Easily delete and/or re-order pages by selecting a range of pages in the thumbnail panel using the standard CTRL/ SHIFT method or by using a contextual right-click menu, for quick and easy document creation
  • Provide immediate access to critical content - Create virtual documents which incorporate frequently viewed pages, drawn from multiple sources, into a single virtual file to enable rapid access to specific and routinely viewed content to streamline document processing
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