VirtualViewer® HTML5 is equipped with powerful and sophisticared features and functionality.

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  • Modify or Create documents — Users can modify virtual documents to create new versions or renditions while preserving the originals and they can also create documents on-the-fly while saving versions back to the repository.
    • Merge pages from multiple documents into a single document. The source documents can be the same type or different formats.  Example, select pages from a PDF source file and a Word document source file and create a new document. ​
    • Use existing pages from a collection of files by selecting the desired pages in the thumbnail pane and simply copy them to a new window.

    • Create documents using the Page Manipulation menu, contextual menu or the drag-and-drop functionality.

    • Modify documents into two or more new documents

    • Add pages to a document, re-order pages within a document, delete pages from an existing document

  • Page on Demand™ technology – Eliminates the need to download entire documents prior to viewing by quickly and accurately delivering only the page(s) requested by the user. 
  • High Speed Server Processing – A powerful viewer servlet performs the bulk of the work, including decompressing files, breaking up pages, and generating thumbnails so the viewer can run faster and more efficiently.
  • Download files to the web viewer in seconds – Server-side caching and file processing eliminates repeated calls to the repository.
  • Quickly navigate multi-page documents – View images via advanced thumbnail support enabling you to view image thumbnails and download only the necessary pages — not the entire document — saving both time and bandwidth.
  • Open files without the creator application– Users can retrieve and open multiple file formats to view documents and images within VirtualViewer without invoking the original creator application.
  • Save time with keyboard shortcuts: Users can employ simple keyboard shortcuts for many of VirtualViewer's features (zoom, rotate, print, scroll, etc.), saving significant time.
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