VirtualViewer® HTML5 for 

The first and best document viewer for IBM Content Navigator & IBM's ECM product family, including Case Manager, FileNet (P8), CMIS, CM8 Content Manager, and CMOD.

Level-Up Your IBM Application

Long History: 

Snowbound has been a partner with IBM since 1996, providing flexible viewing modules that easily integrate with IBM systems and business solutions. 

Extend the IBM default viewer:

VirtualViewer® HTML5 for IBM seamlessly integrates with IBM Content Navigator (ICN) and with IBM's ECM product family, including Case Manager 5.2, FileNet (P8) 5.2, CMIS, CM8 Content Manager 4.3, and CMOD 9.5. VirtualViewer equips IBM Content Navigator users with important tools not found in the default viewer including: 

  • Split & Merge Documents
  • True Redactions
  • Unique Multi-Page and Multi-Document Navigation within a single viewer interface
  • Support for hundreds of documents including AFP, PDF, Word, Excel, JPEG, DWG and more

True Cross Platform Support: 

VirtualViewer HTML5 operates seamlessly on any platform with both a pure Java solution with Java-based server components and a pure .NET solution.

Robust Document Support: 

View, annotate and redact hundreds of different document and image formats all from a single user interface without relying on the create.

Responsive Support:

Our expert, responsive internal support team is available to answer your questions 24x7.

VirtualViewer HTML5 for IBM Video

Partners & System Integrators

H2, vSource, and Neocol

Some Key Features

High-Speed Viewing

All processing is performed on the server so the viewer delivers an extremely high-speed response. 

Split & Merge Documents

Advanced page manipulation features like split, merge, reorder, add, delete, extract, and export ensures users meet their case management needs. 

Annotation & True Redaction

Users are able to annotate and redact documents, as well as collaborate on those annotations with tagging, bookmarks, navigation, and commenting tools.

Multi-Page & Multi-Document Navigation

Quickly navigate between documents and pages using tabbed windows and thumbnails.

Text Search & Extraction

Locates desired content within text-based documents and displays highlighted results. After locating desired content, users can copy and extract text elsewhere.

User Preferences

Users customize VirtualViewer directly to their unique needs by concealing or displaying specific tools and functions.

Localized UI

The viewer’s intelligent localization capabilities auto-detect browser settings and display in the proper language.  

More Features

Click here to learn more in-depth information about our robust set of features and their benefits.
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