RasterMaster® — Batch Conversion SDK

Snowbound’s conversion technology is used in two fundamental ways; to convert documents and images seamlessly behind the scenes to display in our line of VirtualViewer universal document viewers, and as a batch converter for large volumes of document or image files. Batch file converter technology can be built into existing enterprise applications via our RasterMaster software development toolkits (SDKs).

Benefits to batch converting document and image files:

  • Convert diverse document types quickly and easily into one common easily read and accessed format
  • Develop a catalogued data repository per user-specified naming conventions   
  • Create searchable PDF files from any text-based files

Built-in batch conversion functionality coupled with an easy-to-use interface delivers the features needed to streamline document and image viewing and conversion processes:

  • Use via command line or converter dashboard interface controls
  • Create searchable PDF output from any text based input
  • Convert repository subdirectories, and delete/move files after they have been converted
  • Split multi-page files into multiple single page files
  • Highlight revisions during document review cycles with redaction & watermarking capabilities
  • Maintain document integrity/faithfulness to the original with Advanced Font Mapping
  • Configure/maintain document naming conventions easily • Adjust document or image file size (DPI) during conversion
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