VirtualViewer® Java Document Viewer Applet - Online Demo

VirtualViewer® Java Document Viewer Applet gives you the ability to test viewing with provided sample documents and images, or your own local documents. The demo (below) allows users to display, manipulate, print, save or convert multiple document and image formats, including TIFF, MS Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, AFP, and many more.

NOTE: At this time the applet does not support the HTML format however our Java applet/content server option as well as our HTML5 versions do support the HTML format.  

In order to demo VirtualViewer Java Document Viewer Applet, please click on the screenshot below to activate the demo.  Please accept the security certificate by choosing "Accept". This is necessary because the Java document viewer applet is configured to read and save to your local drive. Depending upon your internet connection, it may take a minute or two for the applet to load initially.

When clicking the link for the demo, you may see one or two pop-up boxes (one is from Snowbound, the other is from Aspose) asking you "Do you want to run this application?". Please accept by selecting "Run". These pop-ups are improvements in Java Applet security, but can be removed when the applet is in production. For the demo, the pop-ups will only appear once for each session.

IMPORTANT: Read more about how to fix Java applet security errors if you are having issues running the Applet due to recent Java updates. 

Applet Screenshot


After trying the Java document viewer online demo we invite you to request a full evaluation trial to install and test locally. You can request the Java applet to interface with your own servlet or we offer a complete Java applet/servlet evaluation as well. Many companies have implemented our client/server VirtualViewer in workflow systems that access documents from a web repository for annotating or redacting the document or image and then forwarding it to another user or storing them back in the repository.

Also, please try our VirtualViewer HTML5 Demo to experience our installation-free, zero footprint document viewer and image viewer.

We Value Your Feedback

We would love to hear how either demo for VirtualViewer performed in terms of:

  • Ease of Use
  • Functionality
  • File Format Support

Please take a moment and share your feedback.

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