VirtualViewer® — Microsoft SharePoint Viewer

Enhance access to your Microsoft SharePoint Site and alleviate licensing constraints

Snowbound enables you to extend the capabilities and maximize the productivity benefits of your Microsoft SharePoint investment. With VirtualViewer, our high-speed viewing module, organizations can:

  • Extend System Capabilities - VirtualViewer can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint (SharePoint viewer) allowing you to deliver universal, high-speed viewing capabilities that dramatically enhance your collaboration efforts. Add our out-of-the-box document and image viewer to gain secure universal high-speed access to virtually any file with built-in features such as powerful viewing capabilities, thumbnails, document and image file annotation, and redaction for higher productivity and ease-of-use:
    • Access multiple document and image formats through one universal application – VirtualViewer® gives you the ability to view, redact, manipulate, annotate, and print multiple document and image formats stored within your repository via SharePoint viewer.
    • Annotate and redact virtually any document or image format – Quickly and easily annotate and redact any document or image format supported in the SharePoint viewer including Word, Excel, AFP, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and more.
    • Quickly navigate multi-page documents – With SharePoint viewer advanced thumbnail support enables you to view image thumbnails and download only the necessary pages — NOT the entire document — saving both time and bandwidth. 
  • Optimize Licensing Investment - VirtualViewer provides an alternative viewing option for displaying MicroSoft Office Documents, reducing the amount of licenses organizations need as a result. By deploying VirtualViewer, you can prevent your company from overpaying for Microsoft Product Licenses.

Integrating VirtualViewer with Microsoft SharePoint creates a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts – providing users with the combined power of a content management system and a fully integrated document viewer. As a result your users can easily share ideas, efficiently process information, and save you money in the process.

 If you need assistance integrating the viewer we have a reliable network of System Integrators who specialize in Microsoft SharePoint deployments and enhancements including our SharePoint viewer. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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