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VirtualViewer® HTML5

v4.9 for Java and .NET
The new version includes the addition of watermarks to the viewer, as well as a beta version of OCR support. Click here for the full release notes

v4.8 for Java and .NET
The new version includes security and performance enhancements, as well as improvements for Alfresco integration. Click here for the full release notes

v4.7 for Java and .NET
The new version includes CAD Support, new Split Screen functionality, and the ability to quickly extract & append PDF pages. Click here for more info on all the new features

v4.6 for Java and .NET
The new version includes performance and feature enhancements related to viewing and managing documents including pattern-based text search, drag and drop functionality and annotation enhancements. Click here for more info on all the new features

v4.5 for Java and .NET
Simplifies workflow processes and increases overall performance for users with a host of new enhancements, including drag and drop page manipulations, batch redaction tagging, enhanced cache capabilities, and upload documents. Click here for more info on all the new features

v4.4 for Java and .NET
Includes the ability to search annotation text, rotate specific pages, consolidate annotation layers, and much more. Click here for more info on all the new features

v4.3 for Java and .NET
Version 4.3 for both Java and .NET introduces major workflow enhancements and collaboration tools, including annotation and redaction tagging, bookmarks, annotation indicators, and annotation commenting:

  • Annotation and Redaction Tagging: allows multiple users to collaborate on a single annotation by assigning a tag (e.g. "Social Security Number") 
  • Bookmarks: streamlines navigation by providing users with the ability to create text bookmarks on pages via the thumbnail panel 
  • Annotation Indicators and Navigation Indicators: allows users to navigate through only the annotated pages of a document, skipping pages with no annotations or stamps
  • Annotation Commenting: allows users to communicate about a specific part of the document by adding comments to existing annotations

v4.2 for Java
Version 4.2 introduces major enhancements designed to boost security and increase productivity, including:

  • Magnifier feature: New tool allows users to easily zoom in and out of pages
  • Advanced redaction capabilities: Streamline workflow while also ensuring sensitive data such as social security numbers and credit card information remains secure.
  • Document notes: Users can add document notes to any document in order to maintain an active dialog and conversation within a specific document with other users.
  • User preferences: A new framework for viewer preferences allows users to customize VirtualViewer directly to their unique needs by concealing or displaying specific tools and functions.
  • Continuous scrolling: Enables users to move from one page to the next in a more fluid and natural manner without having to make any additional clicks.


VirtualViewer® HTML5 for Alfresco (Java v4.6)

VirtualViewer® HTML5 for Documentum (Java v4.6)

 HTML5 for IBM Content Navigator (Java v4.6)
This version seamlessly integrates with ICN and IBM's ECM product family such as Case Manager, FileNet P8, CMIS, Content Manager CM8, and CMOD and provides Content Navigator users with features such as advanced page manipulation, unique navigation, annotation support, and on-the-go mobility.


v14.10 for Java 
v19.10 for .NET 

v14.9 for Java 
v19.9 for .NET 

v14.8 for Java 
v19.8 for .NET 

v14.7 for Java 
v19.7 for .NET 

v14.6 for Java 
v19.6 for .NET 
The new version includes streamlined text extraction, pattern-based text searching, increased speed and performance for Microsoft Office documents, and DWG support.

v14.4 for Java 
v19.5 for .NET  

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