RasterMaster® — The Smarter Viewing and Conversion SDK

Available in Java & 64-bit .NET  

Snowbound Software's award-winning family of RasterMaster® Imaging and Conversion SDKs, Toolkits, APIs, and libraries lead the industry in performance and reliability. RasterMaster is The Smarter Imaging and Conversion SDK — built on over 25 years of imaging expertise and continually enhanced with new functionality and formats to ensure that you are developing with the most advanced imaging tools in the industry.

“Snowbound’s RasterMaster technology still is one of the best-performing solutions I have seen through 10 years in this business.”    
— Frank Gronenborn, IT Architect, ARAG 

The RasterMaster SDK is available for multiple platforms, including Java and .NET. Software developers can easily incorporate expert document and image processing capabilities into their product or application including: viewing, conversion, manipulation, annotation, printing, scanning and saving.

The new version of RasterMaster (14.0) includes both PDF/A and SVG output support, enabling long term archiving and high resolution viewers. Read more here.

Developed and maintained by our in-house experts, our reliable and mature imaging SDK, toolkit, and libraries deliver:

  • Over 100 comprehensive and robust features and functions including powerful anti-aliasing, fast deskewing and 1-24 bit resizing
  • Extensive file format support including: SVG, HTML, JPEG, MS Excel, MS Word, MO:DCA, PCL, PDF and TIFF
  • Industry-leading performance and speed
  • Flexible and easy-to-use API deployed to thousands of sites and millions of users
  • Proven and dependable support including priority 24x7 on-call service 

Price: $2500 and up + Distribution Licensing

RasterMaster is flexible enough to meet the needs of all your imaging and conversion related development projects. Its extensive array of features and functions satisfy your current imaging requirements and future imaging needs.

In addition to RasterMaster, we also offer VirtualViewer®, our powerful Web viewers and SnowBatch®, our rapid batch conversion application that require minimal or no additional development. All of our imaging solutions are developed using the RasterMaster imaging and conversion toolkit and library guaranteeing that you receive the same benefits and quality inherent in the SDK.

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