If you have a problem with a function, either a crash or other unintended result, try these preliminary suggestions:

  • Try out the samples included with the product. If there is something in the samples on which you are unclear, please try to locate the code in question in the manual.
  • Remember to trap for errors. Most functions in the SDKs return an error code (less than 0) on failure, and (0 or higher) on success. Report any error codes when filing your report.
  • If the sample code does not resolve or clarify your problem, please create a small sample and send it to us with source code and any particular images. An acceptable solution would be modifying one of the samples included in the SDK to reproduce your problem. Please limit code to 200 lines or less. We do not have the resources to debug entire projects, particularly when they interface with large systems. In almost every case, the problem is a simple one and can be pared down to the basics. Try to represent the logic of the imaging portion of your application in your sample so that we can quickly identify the problem.

If your problem persists, file a report at our Technical Support Center. If you are sending us images, and they are larger than 1MB, please note that in your support request (support ticket) and we will provide you with an anonymous FTP site to which you can upload your images.

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