VirtualViewer® HTML5 is equipped with powerful and sophisticated features and functionality.

*New Features*

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Users are now able to view video files from their browser without ever having to leave the viewer by leveraging the video support of the browser being used to run the viewer, meaning the user will be able to access a variety of video container format types, including mp4, m4v, mkv, webm, and ogv and ogg.

When playing the video in VirtualViewer, the user will have access to familiar playback controls:
  • Expand the video playback from partial to full screen
  • Pause, resume play, or skip to a specific moment in the video using the seek bar at the bottom of the video
  • Download the video locally to their computer or desired repository.
Video support ensures that  knowledge workers in industries such as insurance never have to leave the viewer when managing their case files, appraisals, and claims. 

Watch a demo of the feature here
Document Comparison allows users to compare two different text documents to each other side-by-side in a split screen and navigate through the highlighted differences. ​It helps improve accuracy when reviewing critical documents by ensuring no change goes unnoticed, all while reducing the time-consuming task of manually comparing documents,

When utilizing the Document Comparison feature, the user is able to see the differences between the two documents displayed page-by-page in the sidebar, as well as click on a specific difference to scroll directly to where that text is located on the page.

Watch a demo of the feature here


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows users to perform text and pattern search on raster files such as TIFF and PNG, as well as text selection after the document has been OCRed. After OCRing a document, users can perform workflows that include highlighting and redacting text. Watch a demo of the feature in beta form here

Watermarks allow users to protect documents and intellectual property from being copied, as well as streamline their document archiving and optimize their event-driven workflows.

Users can easily add watermarks to their document via a new button on the left sidebar of the viewer.   Additional watermarks functionality includes:

  • The ability to customize the appearance of the watermark (direction, location, and sizing), the text of the watermark, and the opacity of the watermark (transparent or solid).
  • The ability to select predefined watermarks such as "Edited by", "time/date printed", "page number", "total pages", and "document name" to expedite the workflow process.
  • Functionality for administrators to restrict who has access to the watermarks feature based on user permissions.

VirtualViewer® HTML5 version 4.10 introduced a friendlier, more intuitive interface experience for users accessing the viewer on mobile. Watch here.

  • Zero Footprint – No download or client installation required enabling VirtualViewer to work with any standard browser and provide on-the-go mobile viewing for iPad, Android and other tablet and smartphone platforms.
  • Touch-based interactions – Quickly add and edit annotations, as well as use momentum-based scrolling to navigate through pages. The mobile version of the viewer features a clear and sharp user interface with bigger buttons that allow for easier touch navigation.

  • View all formats on the device – View, annotate and redact virtually all document and image formats (MS Office, PDF, TIFF, and more) without compromising document formatting or retrieval speed.


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