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As an official Alfresco Technology Partner, Snowbound provides users with a HTML5 document viewer to view and redact all popular document and image formats within a single window. VirtualViewer® HTML5 embeds directly into Alfresco Content Services so the user never has to leave the environment to view a document.

Level-Up Your Alfresco Application

The Snowbound & Alfresco Partnership

As an official Alfresco Technology Partner since 2014, Snowbound provides users with a HTML5 document viewer to view and redact all popular document and image formats within a single window. VirtualViewer HTML5 gives Alfresco users a faster and more robust document viewing solution by replacing the default PDF.js viewer. With VirtualViewer® HTML5 embedded directly into Alfresco Content Services, the user will never have to leave the environment to view a document. The viewer can also be opened as a standalone client in a new tab or window if needed.

Purchasing Made Easy

Alfresco customers can extend their solution by including VirtualViewer® HTML5 in their Alfresco order at the same point of purchase. The viewer is available directly through Alfresco as the “Alfresco Content Viewer by Snowbound.”

Easy to Use in Any Environment

  • It operates on any device with a browser, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • No application download or client-side installation is required, making it a trouble free solution for users as well as IT administrators.
  • Whether your content management system is hosted via an on-premise server, cloud-based-server, or a hybrid solution, VirtualViewer HTML5 can take your document viewing to the next level with robust file format support and advanced feature functionality.
  • Its intelligent localization capabilities enable the UI to auto-detect browser settings and display in the proper language.

Robust Document Support 

View, annotate and redact hundreds of different document and image formats, including MS Office, PDF, TIFF, AFP, JPEG, DWG and MO:DCA. Click here to see the full list of supported documents.    

ADF Support

VirtualViewer® HTML5 integration for Alfresco Content Services (ACS) is built with Angular technology on the Application Development Framework (ADF). ADF is a modern JavaScript-based framework. It provides a rich set of reusable Angular based UI components and services, command-line tooling and JavaScript and rest APIs that make it easy for developers to create responsive web applications that can be deployed and embedded on top of the platform. Snowbound’s connector for Alfresco makes it simple for users to manage their workflow with sophisticated tools such as split and merge, annotate and redact, and document comparison.

Snowbound and Alfresco

VirtualViewer HTML5 Product Spotlight Video

Partners & System Integrators

Zia, Tenthline, Armedia, Crest, and MSI


High Speed Viewing

Document rendering and processing is split between the server and browser to deliver an extremely high-speed response.

Split & Merge Documents

Advanced page manipulation features like split, merge, reorder, add, delete, extract, and export ensures users meet their case management needs. 

Annotation & True Redaction

Users are able to annotate and redact documents, as well as collaborate on those annotations with tagging, bookmarks, navigation, and commenting tools.

Multi-Page & Multi-Document Navigation

Quickly navigate between documents and pages using tabbed windows and thumbnails.

Split Screen View

Allows users to simultaneously compare documents side-by-side during the review process so they can easily spot differences.

Text Search & Extraction

Locates desired content within text-based documents and displays highlighted results. After locating desired content, users can copy and extract text elsewhere.

User Preferences

Users customize VirtualViewer directly to their unique needs by concealing or displaying specific tools and functions.

Alfresco Share

Allows external users to securely collaborate without ever having to leave the viewing interface. Learn more here.

Localized UI

The viewer’s intelligent localization capabilities auto-detect browser settings and display in the proper language.  

How VirtualViewer® HTML5 Integrates With Alfresco

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