RasterMaster® Conversion & Imaging SDK

RasterMaster® is the industry’s leading document/image conversion and imaging library. It is continually enhanced with new functionality and formats and was developed by Snowbound’s experts who have nearly a hundred years of combined imaging expertise.

Fortune 2000 companies with millions of users—including top banks, insurance companies, healthcare, shipping, and industry leading document management companies—have depended on this product for over two decades to serve their most urgent and demanding applications.

High-Speed File Conversion

RasterMaster® is the fastest file conversion SDK on the market. Users can quickly convert files on the fly for viewing or batch convert large amounts of document types. Special features, including conversion via Byte Array is also available for high performance applications.

Extensive Format Support:

AFP, DWG, JPEG, MO:DCA, PDF, MS Office, TIFF, SVG, PNG, and hundreds more are supported. Convert any format to PDF or TIFF to ensure universal compatibility. RasterMaster also includes both PDF/A and SVG output support, enabling long term archiving and high resolution viewing. 

No Additional Applications Required:

RasterMaster performs all processing and conversion functions without the requirement of external applications, such as MS Office and Adobe.

Responsive Support:

Our expert, responsive internal support team is available to answer your questions 24x7.

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Easy-to-use APIs/Samples

RasterMaster is flexible enough to meet the needs of all your imaging and conversion related development projects. Its extensive array of features and functions will satisfy your current imaging requirements and future imaging needs.

Advanced Functions

Advanced functions allow developers to create applications with page manipulation features like split, merge, reorder, add, delete, extract, and export, ensuring users meet their case management needs. 

True Redaction & Annotation

Developers are equipped with functions that allow application users to annotate and redact documents, including vector documents.


Quickly convert documents and images in batch or on the fly. Most functions can access and convert documents on disk or Byte Array.

Text Search & Extraction

Functions provided allow users to perform text search and display highlighted results or copy and extract the text elsewhere.


Deskew and despeckle image cleanup, scale-to-gray resizing for 1bit images, border removal, color reduction, dithering functions, and contrast, brightness, and gamma correction.

Printing & Saving

High-resolution printing including EPS and PCL output and saving to multiple formats as either single or multi-page documents.

More Features

Click here to learn more in-depth information about our robust set of features and their benefits.

“Snowbound’s RasterMaster® technology still is one of the best-performing solutions I have seen through 10 years in this business.”

— Frank Gronenborn, IT Architect, ARAG

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