Snowbound produces informational and educational eBooks on a variety of subjects on a quarterly basis.

Goodbye Applets, Hello HTML5

Why are applets and plug-in technology being phased out? What does the future hold for document viewing technology? In this eBook, we take an in-depth look at the history of applets and the benefits of pure HTML5 technology for document viewing...

SVG: The Little-Known Treasure of Document Viewing

If you've ever experienced pixilation when using bitmap images, then scalable vector graphics (SVG) may be of interest to you. Unlike bitmaps, vector graphics allow for the scaling and display of lines without suffering any loss of clarity at varying resolutions or zoom levels. In this eBook, we will take a deep dive into all things SVG...

A Day In The Life of A Content Navigator

In this publication, enjoy a preview of VirtualViewer® HTML5's seamless integration for IBM Content Navigator and see how the viewer equips Case Manager, FileNet, CM8, and CMOD users with the most advanced document viewing experience.

Building The Perfect Universal Document Viewer

What would the perfect universal document viewer look like? In this eBook, we set out to describe all of the characteristics that would comprise a powerful, sophisticated document viewer...

A Guide to PDF and Document Viewers

In this eBook, we answer some of frequently asked questions regarding PDF and document viewers with the help of Snowbound Software’s resident PDF expert, Mark Donohoe, who has over 20 years of PDF experience with Adobe Systems...

The Skeleton Key: Tablets and Pure HTML5 Document Viewers Unlock Business Benefits

In today’s mobile landscape, tablets are an increasingly attractive option for workers in the insurance, healthcare, and shipping industries looking for a more portable primary computing device. However, for a tablet to seriously rival a conventional computer, it must be able to deliver document management capabilities. This eBook explores how tablets and web-based document viewers can unlock a wealth of business benefits....

Best Case Scenario: Document Viewers Enhance Case Management

More and more organizations in a variety of industries are turning to Case Management solutions to keep track of their content and its lifecycle. This eBook takes an in-depth look at Case Management and how sophisticated document viewers play a vital role in the successful deployment of these solutions...

Meaningful, Meaningful Use: Going the Extra Mile With EHRs

Included in the HITECH Act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) President Obama signed in 2009 is an incentive program to promote the adoption, and more importantly, the Meaningful Use (MU) of electronic health records (EHRs) and IT software by United States healthcare providers. There are many different objectives and measures within the three stages of Meaningful Use, but a majority of them center on patient engagement. In order to truly engage their patients, healthcare providers must adopt intuitive patient portals with document viewing tools that make it easy for patients to access their health information. But with the clock ticking and financial penalties beginning in 2015 for those who fail to meet MU requirements, it's important for healthcare providers to begin their EHR research now...

AFP Documents: Oldies but Goodies

For every enterprise still using AFP for printing on a daily basis in 2013, there are thousands of companies that have moved on from their old IBM systems and are now left with massive archives of AFP documents that cannot be easily viewed or accessed on their current systems. What once was a convenient and efficient document type for storage and access is now a significant problem for organizations in need of accessing and searching their full archive of documents...

Embracing HTML5: A Piece of the Document Viewing Puzzle

More and more companies turned to HTML5 technology in 2013 as a solution to a myriad of document viewing and processing challenges. The technology, which is present in all of the latest browsers, does not require any application downloads, plug-ins, or an installation process. But despite these obvious benefits, many corporate users are still concerned about potential trade-offs when using this technology, especially in regards to users having the updated browsers necessary to view HTML5-dependent content...
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