VirtualViewer® has an extremely flexible architecture. You choose the client or client/server configuration that best meets your business and user requirements. We offer a 100% Java solution and a HTML5 Zero Footprint document viewer for .NET or Java.

VirtualViewer is designed with your changing business needs in mind and makes it easy for you to scale your viewing solution as your users and needs change including integrating web viewer technology. We make the transition easy for you to upgrade from one of our client-only viewing options to incorporate one of our advanced server components for even greater high-speed viewing capabilities.

Zero Footprint Option (Server Only - No Client)

Our Zero Footprint HTML5 document viewer is developed using pure HTML, AJAX, and CSS to give you an extremely fast and dynamic web viewer solution that operates in any browser including Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer (7 and up). VirtualViewer HTML5 is available for both .NET and Java environments, providing a flexible web viewer solution.

In addition to our enterprise option, we also offer a VirtualViewer HTML5 Starter Kit that is perfect for organizations that are rolling out pilot programs or small-to-mid size businesses that want to get up and running quickly and easily.

Client / Server Options

VirtualViewer offers you the option to combine its robust viewing client(s) with one of our powerful server modules to deliver a complete end-to-end viewing, manipulation, annotation, and redaction solution. To satisfy your platform and application requirements we provide you with the option of either a 100% Java or a .NET server component.

  • Java Client / Server
  • .NET Server (available only for HTML5 option)

Integrations & Connectors

Our unique content handler technology enables VirtualViewer to be integrated with a variety of industry-leading ECM applications. It can also be configured to access files stored in several different locations including disparate content management applications or file servers. We offer several out-of-the box connectors including:

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